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b. 1986, HK.

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Social Gal Marketing is a digital and social marketing agency based in Seattle. Our team is a group of loud & social bad ass gals with marketing, tech, photography & design backgrounds. We provide modern marketing by working separately in our area of expertise then coming together on client projects to ensure ultimate collaboration and optimization.


Ashley Stafford

I am a Seattle mom of two beautiful boys, a wife of a Marine. I love art and have always had an entrepreneurial spirit.

My marketing career started a little over ten years ago, with a leading real estate marketing agency in Seattle. I was selling high-rise condos in downtown Seattle and surrounding neighborhoods and I loved every aspect and challenge. After about 6 projects and 4 years, I decided to study Fashion Marketing at Parsons in New York. Missing the Pacific Northwest (and trees) I packed up and headed back to Seattle to jump into an intern position at a local ad agency and focus more on the product industry and advertising. I soaked up everything I could, then pinpointed social media marketing and design as my permanent direction. I took a position at a media agency in Huntington Beach to focus on account management, content creation, and optimization.

I founded Social Gal Marketing to help entrepreneurs focus on running and growing their business. And to collaborate, grow and form relationships with other like-minded woman in the tech and art industries. I believe there is always room to learn and grow which is why our team is constantly working together on concept creation, strategy and executing ideas.